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We raise Angus cattle along the San Gabriel River, east of Georgetown.  Experience what beef is supposed to taste like, our Angus cattle grazing the pecan grove pastures along the San Gabriel River in Williamson County.   Natural, grass-grazing beef with absolutely no growth hormones, antibiotics or GMO corn.   LOCAL, clean, healthy meat with amazing flavor and minimal processing comes to your door.  We deliver locally for an average price of $6.75 a packaged pound.  We sell by the whole, half, quarter and eighth.   

The Good Earth Farmer's Market in Leander and The Mercantile at Dyer Diary in Georgetown have a freezer stocked with our beef and other local products for your convenience.  You can buy individual cuts and even variety packages if you are not interested in bulk purchasing.  See "Order Info" Page for details and a map.

CURRENT AVAILABILITY:  SOLD OUT FOR DECEMBER 1/4'S AND 1/2'S.  We still have individual cuts in the freezer to shop off the ranch.  
PRICE LIST PER PIECE:   Stew/stirfry/burger:  $6.50
Roasts/flank/skirt/cutlets:  $7.50
T-bone, sirloin:  $8.50
Ribeye/NY Strip/Tenderloin:  $10.00 
Place your order for 1/4's and 1/2's available for Tuesday, January 14, 2014 and February 11, 2014 pickup or delivery.
Feed status:  We remain content with the quality of winter grass.  We are now putting out the beautiful hay grazer round bales you may  have seen pictures of on Facebook.  When we do need to feed to maintain the health and well-being of the herd, that feed is hay, hay grazer and our mixture of oats, cotton seed and hay.  No GMO corn!

A Day in the Life..November 2007.

David & Deborah Hajda

Raising Five Cattle Company

13300 East St. Hwy 29,  Georgetown, Texas 78626

(512) 560-7136

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