We raise Angus and Brangus cattle along the San Gabriel River, east of Georgetown. Experience what beef is supposed to taste like, our Angus cattle grazing the pecan grove pastures along the San Gabriel River in Williamson County. Natural, grass-grazing grass fed beef with absolutely no growth hormones, antibiotics or GMO corn. LOCAL, clean and healthy grass-fed beef with amazing flavor and minimal processing for an average price of $6.75 to $7.50 a packaged pound.  You can pick up your order right from the ranch. We can also deliver to you for an additional charge. We  sell by the whole, half, quarter and eighth.   We will also sell individuals items from our stock.



October 22, 2016 UPDATE:  we have stock for sale  

Next Processing dates: Nov 18: (pickup December 6, 2016)  taking orders

Korner Kitchen in Cedar Park, The Mercantile at Dyer Diary in Georgetown and Winkley's in Liberty Hill all have a freezer stocked with our beef and other local products for your convenience. You can buy individual cuts and even variety packages if you are not interested in bulk purchasing. See "Order Info" Page for details and a map.

Grass Fed Beef

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