This calf is a year old and nearing process time. 

Grassfed Beef in Georgetown

Caveat: No calf is built the same. Some are a little thicker in the rear, some a little more broad-chested. I cannot guarantee exact amounts of any cut of meat. As a general rule, the breakdown is:

Steaks: 29%
Roasts: 31%
Ground Meat, etc.: 40%

If you order 1/2+, you control the cuts. If you don't like roasts, they can all be processed into the hamburger. I also try to change up the cuts for 1/4ths and 1/8ths to meet your needs. A cutsheet will be provided to see all availabe cuts/options.

Sample Calf weighs 425 lbs. This is what came in 1/4.

T-bone: 8
Rib eye: 6
Sirloin: 4
Cutlets: 4 packs of 4
Soup bones: 2 packages
Stew Meat: 4 lbs
Stir Fry: 4 lbs
Roasts: (3-4 lbs each)
1 rump, 1 arm, 1 chuck
Chili Meat: (optional)
Brisket: 1 (5 lbs)
Short ribs: 2 racks (optional)
Flank / skirt: 1 of each
Hamburger: 20- 30 lbs (Patties are available)

Organs: liver, tongue, heart and dog bones available upon request

Cost:  $6.00 x 425 lbs = $2,550
1/4 = $635

How many pounds is that?

Roughly 85-110 lbs, but it varies with the cuts, organs and bones, etc.