Q: How long does it take to get the meat once I order?

If you get really lucky, I have a 1/4 on hand! In the last year we have been sold out typically a month in advance. Now, it is first come, first serve. Get on the list. But if you want it your way, our process dates are every 4 weeks. They dry age the beef 12+ days (as long as possible), and then begin cutting to your specifications. Turnaround is usually 14 days later, and generally on a Tuesday after 1pm.

Q:  Why buy natural, from you, not the grocer?

Have you ever been to a feedlot or within 50 miles of one? If you have, you would never eat beef again. Feedlots stuff all types of cattle, not just Angus, to sell at the grocer. Angus is a premium, tender meat. (They aren't selling Longhorn burgers.) Small local farmers are not ready to feed Texas yet, but we want to feed and provide a quality, healthy product at a fair, competitive price for those interested.  The cattle market lost 1/3 of it's producing small ranchers during the long drought years, and as a result, the beef market is at an all-time high.    Finally, shop locally!​ 

Q: What is the difference in taste and color?

​​Cows were designed to live off grass, not corn. I think the biggest difference is that there is a taste and it is wonderful. Store-bought beef is pink, a by-product of what they are fed. Natural, grass-fed beef is red, no extras. We do supplement when necessary with ground oats, hay grazer and cotton seed. We will not allow our herd to go hungry. We believe in a healthy, happy herd.